I’m Natasha Overin, writer and creator of The Vogue Mermaid.


My story began in a small beach town on the coast of Southern California, teeming with red tiled roofs and palm trees, set alongside a turquoise sea and nestled between rolling coastal mountains. A quiet Spanish Village by the Sea, called San Clemente. It was there I developed a lasting appreciation for nature and the ocean, and what’s more, a passion for creative expression through storytelling and written word.

I am currently based in Los Angeles, and hold my BA in journalism, public relations and marketing.

As I’ve continued on life’s journey, my passion for storytelling has evolved to include a number of platforms. Creative direction and long-form storytelling are at the heart of my career objectives, particularly with immersive and experiential elements and concentrations.

Much of my writing is inspired by the diversity and natural beauty of the world. As a self-proclaimed ‘ocean aficionado’, I’ve followed life’s currents from the powerful waves of Oahu’s famed North Shore and calm waters of the Florida Keys to the vibrant beauty of the French Polynesia and the coastal villages of the Italian Riviera. An insatiable appetite for new horizons has led me to work in and explore a number of cities including NYC, London, and Paris, as well as venture throughout Italy, Germany and the teeming mountains of the Swiss Alps.

The Vogue Mermaid’s namesake was inspired by the paradox of living; an appreciation for culture and refinement, juxtaposed by the whimsical and imaginative. I believe in balancing these two concepts, we are able to tell real, powerful stories in creative ways which capture the imagination and create a lasting impact.

To view my professional work:
Check out my portfolio website  for creative direction, marketing and journalism samples.
Or, let’s connect on LinkedIn







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