MODERN AND MINIMAL: Interior Design for Positive Energy

Interior Design. Why is it important? Beyond aesthetic appeal, I’m a firm believer that the energy we cultivate within our homes directly correlates to the trajectory of our lives. Therefore, moving into a new space as a recent college graduate, life called for a change of design.  So, with a blank Pinterest board and Instagram inspiration flooding my feed, I set out to design a fresh space for a fresh chapter of life.


In the past, I gravitated toward my native Southern Californian roots when considering design, pulling from a bohemian, coastal vibe, while incorporating a touch of British Colonial style.

Inspiration for previous decor, heavily influenced by the ocean and tropics.

Now, living in a new city, I wanted to create a modern, minimalist environment. Sleek and sophisticated, yet inherently artistic; inspired by my passions for writing, music, creative directing and earth.

Inspiration for my new space; modern aesthetic, with a nod to minimalism

When designing any space, selecting a mood is the first step, and choosing a corresponding color palette should follow naturally. (Examples; yellows and greens are happy and energizing. Black and crimson are moody and passionate. Light blues and grays are tranquil and calming.)

With this in mind, I chose a sophisticated-yet-feminine color palette. For my living and dining spaces, I selected black and cream as my base colors, complimented by accents of sage and deep plum. The plum color was a nod to womanhood; feminine yet put-together, contrasted by the soft cream. The sage tones were a nod to nature, and juxtaposed by the black base color to produce a calming, clean aesthetic.

Color Palette
I chose a color palette inspired by the natural world, but kept the design modern with sophisticated shades of obsidian, plum, sage and cream.

The sage color also complimented the newest additions to my home: houseplants! I recently “adopted” a number of houseplants, after reading about their positive effects upon indoor air quality. Living in Los Angeles (where air quality is questionable) it was important to incorporate houseplants throughout my home for a breath of fresh air.

I’ve recently acquired a peace lily, an orchid, money tree (his name is Forbes), a few succulents and am currently searching for the perfect fiddle leaf fig.

My final decor item (or rather, an indulgence while browsing decor websites with a glass of Cabernet on a Friday night) was an area rug to pull together the living space. I fell in love with the colors and pattern, and simply couldn’t resist. While the one in the photo is a rectangle, I chose a round design, to create interest by offsetting the strong, geometric shapes of the furniture and wall decor.


My biggest inspiration for the bedroom was Feng Shui, the Chinese art of designing a space to promote positive energy flow. I chose an all-white color palette for a spa-like space to unwind after a long day.

The key to creating interest in an all-white bedroom? Incorporate textures in linens, pillows and decor, to elevate the aesthetic.

According to Feng Shui, the bedroom should have a focal point of color that is in harmony with the white palette. Keeping this in mind, I painted a pastel canvas to act as a centerpiece for the room.

I also incorporated jasmine-scented pillar candles atop gold-brushed chambersticks, as an expression of the Fire Feng Shui element. The scent of jasmine also naturally encourages a good night’s sleep. (Plus the aroma is simply lovely when sliding into bed at the end of the day.)

My biggest bedroom decor rule? No mirrors. According to Feng Shui, having a mirror in one’s bedroom promotes negative Chi, or life force energy. Mirrors detract the focus from our inner selves, instead drawing our attention outward. I wanted to design a bedroom that fostered pure energy and clarity of thought, so it was important to create a space with good flow of Chi.


The takeaway?

  • Enter into a design project with a mood and color palette in mind. 
  • Select unique pieces which inspire you (or create your own art!) 
  • Add houseplants to your home for cleaner air quality. 
  • Incorporate Feng Shui to promote positive energy
  • Most of all, design a space you love to call home!


Thanks for reading,


Natasha Overin

The Vogue Mermaid


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