The future rises before us, dawn breaking upon a dream. We are so close we can feel the first gentle rays of a golden sun caress our skin. In the distance, music begins to play. The first note of a symphony, a single, open “A”, echoing from across the horizon in a gentle adagio. The sun continues to rise as the note grows louder, billowing into a crescendo. Awakened, the sky joins in, and the trees and the grass and the wind and time itself. Each entity is a chair in the orchestra, each moment tuning itself to the next, in preparation of the dance.

As human beings, we are creatures of the present. We gravitate toward simple pleasures, retreat from discomfort. Thus, we spend our lives running from one temporal satisfaction to the next, in attempt to quell our insatiable craving for more.

What rewards do we reap? To live a life in which we are continually seeking, until nothing remains to be sought? The object of our desires short lived and fleeting. A star, shooting across the night’s sky. Just so we keep wishing.

If we continue searching, we remain dissatisfied with the present. If we carry complacency, we stifle our own evolution. Thus, the paradox.

The catalyst of change: to view the world around us as optimistic critics. To lend a hand, not just an opinion. To immerse ourselves into the state of society, to look the pitfalls of humanity directly in the eye and say “you are capable of so much better than this.”

Only when we are completely satisfied with ourselves can we love to our fullest capacity. This satisfaction is not borne from finding an object we are seeking, but rather, eradicating the search altogether. Self love is liberation by the knowledge that everything we need to be happy already lives inside of us, regardless of circumstance.

When we learn to share happiness, rather than seek it, we bring a selfless passion to our work, our relationships, to projects, to the magnificent and the mundane.
This begins by realizing life is not a battle to be won, but a dance to partake in.

When we shift our focus from “what can I get” to “what can I give”, we are dancing. When we begin to believe the world is on our side- not in naivety, but in confidence, we are dancing. When we empower those around us, when we give each other a hand up, when we realize there is enough success for everyone: we are dancing.

The key to all of this, that which is buried at the root of the matter, is love.

Not just any love, but unconditional love.

Imagine the love a mother has for her child. Even when the child does wrong, the mother cares for him. Even when the child is unruly, when he speaks out of turn, when he fails, when he disappoints her- she loves him. The mother feeds and clothes her child. She comforts him, shelters him, teaches him.

Just so, unconditional love compels us to care for one another in this way; feeding and clothing those around us with the gifts of compassion, acceptance, forgiveness and understanding.

In the dance of life, each of us travels in a different direction. Our bodies move to different beats. Our ears listen to a unique song. We interpret the lyrics differently. Although no two individuals’ experiences are the same, we dance together.

Others may not understand the movements of your dance, the patterns of your love. They may not like your song, the lyrics in a foreign tongue. Yet it does not mean they deserve any less love.
On the opposite end of the spectrum, there are those whom wrong us, or the world at large, be it for power, for profit or for possession. In their minds, life is a game to be played, a battle to be won. They are so entraped by their own battle cries that they cannot hear the symphony, nor see the dance. To them, it is all white noise.

Unconditional love tenderly selects a few verses from a song, a few notes from a symphony and directs it toward them. As difficult as it may be, wish for their enlightenment, for their education. Be selective about whom you dance with, yet wish harm upon no one. Each dance will end as it should.

We may not recognize progress immediately. Unconditional love spans across lifetimes. The positivity we plant in this life will blossom long after we are gone. The songs we write in this life will be the dances of future generations.

Yet what a magnificent way to live forever: through the symphonies of our souls’ compositions.


Thanks for reading,

                    x.  Natasha Overin


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