GIRL MEETS WAVE: Chasing the Current

My first memory of surfing was the summer of 1998 at San Onofre State Beach in San Diego County. I was five years old when my dad placed me on the nose of his longboard and paddled us past the rocks and kelp beds, over 2-3ft gently rolling waves.

I remember the fiberglass board keeping us afloat, the sweet scent of carefully distributed surf wax, the gentle rocking of the sea and the weightlessness as we glided across the wave toward shore.

In that moment I discovered: Paradise was real, and one could reach it by riding a wave. 

San Onofre State Beach circa 1963 | While the cars may have changed, the calm, glassy waves and authentic surf culture have remained the same.

Throughout life, the ocean has challenged me to seek adventureinspired me to create.

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Over the years I’ve brought my cameras along on a few aquatic adventures.

Here’s a glimpse of home.

“Dear Ocean”, San Clemente, CA // Filmed this piece as a love letter to the ocean.

“Girl Meets Water”, Marina Del Rey, CA // What originated as a sunset surf for a client video project turned into a session filled with chilly water, wind chopped waves and laughter.

“Evanescent”, Laguna Beach, CA // Wandered down to a deserted cove in Laguna Beach at sunset, where I wrote and filmed this short piece.

“Liquid Peace”, San Clemente, CA // The best place to watch the sunset? In the ocean with a GoPro, of course. Wrote some poetry to accompany the moment.

“Free Diving at Shaw’s Cove”, Laguna Beach, CA // Freediving at Shaw’s Cove in Laguna Beach. The last time I dove there, my friends and I spotted a Great White Shark just after leaving the water. Luckily, the only fish seen during this session were some friendly Garibaldi.

“Ocean Emotion” 2011 //

For nostalgia’s sake, “Ocean Emotion”. The first ocean video I ever filmed, circa Summer 2011. Shot this on the original GoPro when I was 16 years old. These were childhood summer days in full swing… the type of quiet, simple days that in retrospect were some of the most beautiful of all…

Thanks for reading,

x. Natasha Overin




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