Hey Mermaids!

Here at The Vogue Mermaid, we’re all about living a healthy and active lifestyle by getting outdoors. The benefits of a good fitness regimen extend far beyond the body’s appearance. Whether you’re exercising to prolong your life by staying active, challenging yourself to accomplish a personal fitness goal, or simply working out for stress relief, exercise is just as beneficial to one’s mental health as it is to their physical health!

With that being said, healthy comes in all shapes and sizes. Always focus on being the happiest, healthiest version of yourself. Some mermaids (and mermen) are naturally curvier, more muscular, or leaner. Rather than trying to achieve a specific body ideal, focus on feeling healthy, staying active, and embracing whichever beautiful shape you have.

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The Vogue Mermaid is going to share some of our favorite beach-inspired workouts, no gym necessary. If you don’t live by a beach, no worries- lace up those sneakers and head to your local lake, hiking trail, or park. The important part is to get outdoors!

All of the exercises in this workout can be modified to your fitness level, so feel free to increase or decrease the amount of reps. (Also, remember that before beginning a new fitness regimen, it’s always smart to consult your physician, especially if you have any injuries or preexisting health conditions.)

On your marks, get set, let’s go Mermaids!

Warm Up:

Targets: Full body

We like a 20-30 minute jog for a warm-up.

(*Take it up a notch*: Opt for a 40 minute run, or 20 minutes of running and 20 minutes of stairs)

(*Tone it down*: Opt for 25 minutes of brisk walking.)


Next, it’s time to move onto strength building and cardio.

All you’ll need is a bench, picnic table, or any other sturdy knee high structure which can support your body when you jump onto it.


Targets: glutes, quads, and calves.

Place one leg firmly on the bench. Then, in one swift motion, step up, as if you are walking up an invisible step, and return back to the original position.

Repeat 20 times on your starting leg, then switch legs and repeat.

stepup1 (1).jpgIMG_9495 (1).jpg


Targets: Core, lower body, balance training

Begin in a squatting position. In one, explosive movement, leap into the air, tap the bench with your toes, and return to squat position.

Repeat 15 times.

(*Tone it down*: Opt to jump from the ground onto lower surface, such as a sidewalk curb. Jumping not your thing? Simply substitute regular squats instead)



Targets: Arms, upper back

Place your hands behind you on the edge of the bench, with your arms and back straight, knees bent as if you are seated in an invisible chair.

Slowly lower yourself toward the ground using your arms, until your elbows are bent at a 90° angle. Your back should remain straight, and your knees should stay bent.

Raise yourself back up into starting position.

Repeat 20 times.

(*Take it up a notch*: raise one of your legs off the ground while you are completing the tricep dip. Alternate legs after 10 dips. This will simultaneously work your quads, as well as improve balance.)


Now that you’ve conquered *cardio* (you go, Mermaid!) let’s move on to some standing work. For the next few moves, all you need is a fence, railing, or a picnic table to lean on.

Standing Push Up

Targets: Upper body

This move is going to be the same as a traditional push-up, except standing up.

Hold onto railing with your arms straight, and your hands parallel to your shoulders. Your body should be straight as you lean against the railing.

Bend your arms and lower your chest to the railing, then raise yourself back up into starting position.

Repeat 30 times.



Standing Leg Raise

Targets: Core, lower body

Begin with your body in a standing plank position. Lean one arm against the railing, and hold your other arm at out for balance.

Raise and lower your outer leg, without resting it on the ground.

Repeat 30 times on each leg.



Now, moving on to some floor work. All you’ll need is a need a yoga mat, or a grassy area.

Alternating Plank

Targets: Core, upper body

Begin in a traditional plank position; body straight, arms straight and in line with your shoulders.

Next, using one arm at a time, lower yourself into a plank in which you are resting on your forearms.

Using one arm at a time, raise yourself back up into starting position.

Repeat 30 times.

(*Tone it down*: Instead of raising/lowering yourself, try holding a forearm plank for 45 seconds)




Donkey Kicks

Targets: Glutes

Begin on your hands and knees, with your back straight. Raise one leg into the air, as high as you can.

Slowly lower your leg back into starting position, but don’t let your knee touch the ground.

Raise leg back into the air, and repeat.

Repeat on each leg 25 times, before moving to the other leg.




Targets: Glutes, lower body, core

Begin in the same position as the previous exercise.

Raise one leg, moving it outward so that your inner thigh is parallel with the ground.

Bring your knee towards your elbow in a side crunch.

Return to starting position.

Repeat 25 times on each leg.

(*Take it up a notch*: Instead of resting on one knee, do this in plank position.)

(*Tone it down*: Combine your donkey kicks and side crunches. Raise leg upwards for a donkey kick, then bring it to the side for a crunch, before returning to starting position. Lessen number of reps.)




Targets: Core

Begin in side-plank position, resting on your forearm.

Slowly lower your hip to the ground, and raise it back into starting position.

Repeat 20 times on each side.

*Tip*: Be sure that the strength is coming from your core, and not your back. Flexing your core and concentrating on keeping those muscles tight helps.

(*Tone it down*: Skip the side dip, and instead opt for a side plank. Hold for 30 seconds on each side.)


Modified Crunches

Targets: Core

Lie flat on your back, with your knees bent and feet planted on the ground. Cross one leg over your knee.

Place your hands behind your head. Raise your upper torso, and twist so that your elbow connects with your opposite knee. Return to starting position.

Repeat 25 times on each side.




Targets: Core, balance

Sit in an upright position, with arms in front of you.

Raise legs off ground and straighten them, as you slowly lean backwards.

Lean forwards, bending your knees and bringing them to your chest.

Repeat 30 times.

(*Take it up a notch*: Lean back further for greater efficacy. The slower you go, the more challenging the exercise becomes)

(*Tone it down*: Place your heels lightly on the ground to aid in balance)



Side Crunch

Targets: Core, balance

Begin in the same position as the previous Rowing excercise. Place your hands in front of you as if you are holding an invisible ball.

Twisting your upper body, move the invisible ball onto the ground on each side of you.

Repeat 30 times (touching the ground on both sides is considered one rep).

(*Take it up a notch*: Provide extra challenge by holding an actual ball, or any other weighted object for that matter;  i.e. water bottle, hand weights, or even a rock)

(*Tone it down*: For added balance, place your feet on the ground during the exercise)



That concludes The Vogue Mermaid’s Beach Workout.

We hope you are sweaty and smiling, Mermaids!

Be sure to stretch, stay hydrated, and enjoy the great outdoors.


Until next time,


Natasha Overin

The Vogue Mermaid


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