Hey Mermaids!

Summer is finally here, bringing longer days, beautiful beach weather, and making memories with friends.

Whether you’re calling up your fellow mermaids for summer pool parties and surf sessions, texting your sexy summer fling and inviting him for frisbee on the beach and cold drinks, or photographing a picturesque pastel sunset, one thing is for sure- your cell phone is your one-way ticket to summer fun.

Celebrate the style of the sun, sand, and surf with The Vogue Mermaid’s DIY Seashell Phone Case. It’s a creative, budget friendly project to pass a warm summer afternoon, and best of all, it will have you, your friends, and your summer fling singing, “Call me on my shell-phone” all summer long.

Let’s dive right in!

What you’ll need:

-phone case
-gold spray paint
-hot glue gun
-small assorted seashells
-small pearls/beads

First, find a case which fits your phone. You can use an old case you have lying around, or, pick up a new one in the dollar bin at your local store.

Begin by laying your empty phone case on a large sheet of paper. It’s time to spray paint your phone case! We chose *gold* spray paint, but if you’re more of a silver girl, that will look fabulous too.


(*TIP* make sure to spray paint your phone in a well ventilated area, preferably outside. If you have sensitive lungs (*or gills*), putting on a painter’s mask before spray painting is recommended!)

Now it’s time to begin spray painting! We applied two even coats of paint across the top and sides of the phone case, while holding the can 10-12 inches away.

Be sure to let your spray paint dry before continuing to the next step. (Drying times can vary, but our phone case took about 30 minutes).


Now, here comes the creative part, Mermaids!
It’s time to place those pretty little seashells on your phone case.

There are two currents to swim down now, and the one you pick is totally up to you.

For the more organized mermaid (like ourselves) you can lay out your shell design on your dry phone case *before* gluing. This way you can create a specific pattern, make sure all the shells fit, and play around with them a bit before settling on a design.

(*TIP* Before beginning the gluing process, take a picture of the laid-out shell design atop your empty phone case. This way you can refer back to the picture while gluing to check that your design is turning out as planned.)


For the more spontaneous mermaid, just dive right into gluing your shells without laying them out first! However, keep in mind that a mosaic pattern which fits within the boundaries of the phone case tends to work best.


Once you’ve settled on a shell design, it’s time to grab your hot glue gun and begin locking those shells down!

Begin by gluing the larger seashells first, since they’ll take up the most space. Coat the bottom rims of the larger shells with glue, and then place them to the phone case, lightly pressing the shell down until dry.


After your larger seashells are glued, it’s time to fill in the rest of your design with smaller shells and pearls. For the small shells and pearls, put a small dot of glue onto the phone case, and, using your tweezers, place a small shell or pearl on top of the glue. Use the side of your tweezers to lightly hold each shell or pearl in place until dry. Repeat these steps until your entire phone case is filled with shells and pearls.


Finally, go back in with your tweezers and *gently* remove any visible excess glue which may have spread onto the sides of the case or top of the shells.

There you have it, Mermaids! An *adorable* custom phone case that is perfect for summer.


Snap on the case for a day at the beach, or put together a batch of them as thoughtful summer gifts for your fellow mermaids.

Love the way your DIY seashell phone case turned out?

Tag us on Instagram @thevoguemermaid to show off your own shell phone design!



Natasha Overin

The Vogue Mermaid


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