INCOMPARABLY Be(YOU)tiful: Loving Your Unique Self

“Beauty isn’t about having a pretty face; it’s about having a beautiful mind, a beautiful heart, and most of all, a beautiful soul”.

Who are you?

Myself? I am an amalgam of cells and experiences. I am blonde hair which grows in corkscrew curls. I am skin, smooth and tan and warm like honey. I am long limbs and lungs full of ocean air and calloused feet from running barefoot along miles of rocky shorelines. I am a scar from skateboarding down hills, and a scar from riding waves which roll in from the vastness of the Pacific Ocean like thundering giants colliding with coral reef. I am blue-green eyes which sparkle like the sea, and spill saltwater like the sea does too. I am lips which smile and kiss and laugh- and, on the very best days, lips that do all of these at once. I am curves which rise and fall like mountains and valleys and rivers. I am fingers, splattered with ink, with a slight indentation on my right ring finger from holding a pen and a violin bow throughout my lifetime.

I am a Sunday morning cup of coffee in my favorite mug. I am the scent of beach bonfires in my home town. I am the calm of the ocean at dawn, the color of pastels and the cry of seagulls. I am all the places I have called home, even for a short while. I am my mother’s smile. I am my father’s eyes. I am both of their love. I am the wishes I made on dandelions and lucky pennies. I am the stories I have written and thrown away, and the stories I have kept and shared with the world. I am the books I have read and their dog-eared pages. I am the brilliance of the kelp beds in which I have swam, and the wild dolphins which danced alongside my surfboard. I am the taste of fresh squeezed orange juice at my grandmother’s house. I am the memories I hold onto dearly, and the memories I would like to forget. I am music, I am creativity. I am a mind and a heart, constantly expanding, always dreaming, learning, and absorbing the brilliance and wonder of life.

These characteristics are unique to my being. They are factions of my story.

They are not conventionally beautiful.

They are beautiful beyond measure.

Each and every one of us has our own unique experiences which live inside us, shape us, and create our inner beauty.

So why when we have such incredible beauty inside of us, do we get so caught up worrying about our outer appearance, that we forget to shine on the inside?

As a society we are preoccupied with conventional beauty standards.

Yet who dictates what is considered attractive? Why is it so desirable?
 What makes one thing more visually appealing than another?

What if beauty was measured in love? In uniqueness? In simply being one’s true self?

We all have stories to tell.

Passions which live inside of us, blooming like flowers, resonating like ripples in the sea. Dreams which dance in our heads and are acted out in moments of unobstructed bliss. What is found on the inside is truly beautiful.

Cultivate the beauty which is in your mind. The light which is in your heart. The love which blossoms inside your soul.

We are all on our own unique paths in life.
No two journeys are exact the same, and yet we compare ourselves to others in hopes of somehow “measuring up”.

Yet life is not something which can be measured in comparison to others. Life is a gift which can only be measured in relation to ourselves.

We follow trends instead of following our hearts. We look to others for identity, when really we should simply be looking to ourselves. We gaze into the mirror, analyzing our appearance, when we really should analyze our character.

Everyone is beautiful.

Every skin color. Every hair texture. Every height, weight, and shape. Every style. Every voice. Every appearance.
Each and every person is beautiful.

You are beautiful. Not for reasons seen on the surface, but for reasons which reside in your heart.

We are beautiful because we are so much more.

Who are you?

You are the quirks which make you unique. You are the sound of your voice, the scent of your favorite flower, the beat of your favorite songs. You are your favorite books. You are your home. You are the people you choose to love. You are all of your triumphs, all of your talents, all of your passions. You are the places you have been or wish to go, and the friendships you have cultivated. You are the people you have touched. You are the actions, big and small, which have made a difference. You are the songs you hum when you think nobody is listening.
You are brilliant and precious and special for no other reason than being authentically you.

You, simply as yourself, are enough.

As we look in the mirror we must remember- beauty starts on the inside, and when all else goes-
When makeup comes off.
When hair is let down.
When clothes are gone.
When social media is logged out.
When our mirrors are taken down.

Would your actions speak volumes? Would your words bring hope? Would your soul be beautiful?

Live a life of love. Live a life of passion. Live a life of joy. Live a life of gratitude.

Beauty is so more than a reflection.

Beauty is our inner light. Beauty is our individual uniqueness. Beauty is our story.

Let’s make it a spectacular one.


Natasha Overin

The Vogue Mermaid


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