CAPTURING THE MOMENT: Don’t Just “Like” It. Live It.


Leave your smartphone at home, and escape outdoors.

Drive to the beach.

Close your eyes. Feel the golden light of the sun warming your skin. Listen to the gentle crashing of waves, rhythmically lapping the seashore. Feel the soft sand between your toes. Let the breeze rustle through your hair.

Smile an authentic, beaming grin. The type of smile which fills your entire face, the type which makes your heart swell in exhilaration. Laugh. A deep, hearty, genuine laugh.

Take it all in. Azure skies, a sea sparkling like diamonds in the sunlight, boats gliding across the water. The scent of sun tan lotion and salt laden air, lingering with the aroma of last night’s beach bonfires.

Take a mental photograph. Capture the moment in your mind. Capture its very essence. Capture the joy in your heart and the laughter in your chest. Capture the way the light hits the water, making the sea and the horizon blend into one. Capture the birds in flight and the freedom they must feel. Capture the pearl white shells in the sand and the swaying fronds on the palm trees. Capture the secrets of the sea and all that is still unknown about its depths. Capture the ancient magnificence of the ocean, and feel humbled by all which it has touched for billions of years before you, and all it will touch after.

Capture the wonder of our curious existence, the miracle that you are able to experience this gift of life.

Capture all of this. Take each and every experience, and compile it into a mental photograph. Post it to the memories of your mind.

Don’t just “like” it.

Live it.

Live it once, twice, three times over. Live it every day of your life, with every fiber of your being. Live it knowing life is much more than we can ever begin to comprehend.

Perhaps life’s greatest moments shouldn’t be captured by a phone or experienced behind a screen.

Rather, the most beautiful moments in life must be captured through the soul.

x. Natasha Overin