GETTING THAT MERMAID HAIR: Why We’re Going Loco for the Coco(nut)

Hey Mermaids!

Although it’s still winter, the weather is warming up here in SoCal. With temperatures along the coast soaring into the 80’s this weekend, it’s the perfect time to beat the heat and hit the beach.

As you know, the ocean is great for many things- mind, body, and soul! But salt water and sun can be rough on a mermaid’s hair.

Here at The Vogue Mermaid we believe the beach gets a bad-rap for wreaking havoc on your locks. But it doesn’t have to be that way!

The Vogue Mermaid is going to show you how to turn a beach day into a beauty routine, with one of our favorite tricks to keep your hair healthy in the sea and sun.



That’s right. Some of the best beach hair protection grows straight from that palm tree you’re lounging under.

Here are some of the benefits of putting coconut oil on your hair before hitting the beach:

  • Coconut oil acts as a sun protectant to shield your locks from the sun’s rays (it has a natural SPF of 4).
  • Oil and water don’t mix. By coating your hair in coconut oil before going in the ocean, the oil acts as a sealant as well as penetrates the hair shaft, making it more difficult for salt water to enter and cause breakage.
  • Coconut oil is rich in protein and has high moisture retention properties, helping to strengthen and hydrate hair.
  • What mermaid doesn’t love to smell like a tropical island while she’s basking on the beach?

So, to help you get the hair of a *mermaid* while smelling like paradise, here’s our tips and tricks for applying coconut oil before hitting the surf.

All you’ll need:

  • Coconut Oil

(The Vogue Mermaid recommends using Organic Cold Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil in a glass *not plastic* jar. Props if it’s Fair Trade Certified, which means that even when the coconut oil is coming from a developing country, producers and workers are paid fair wages and ensured safe working conditions)

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Begin by applying the coconut oil to your hair.

(Tip: this can get a bit messy, so it’s best to apply it over a sink, or in a shower, and have a towel on hand)

You can apply as much or as little oil as you’d like, but if you plan on hitting the surf or going in the water, we suggest fully coating your hair with the coconut oil for extra protection.

(Tip: The coconut oil comes in a solid form, so to liquify it we recommend simply scooping some out with your fingers and rubbing it between your palms. When you’re done applying the oil, seal the jar and store it at room temperature in a cool, dry place to ensure it stays solid.)

To keep your hair in place after putting the coconut oil in, The Vogue Mermaid suggests tying hair in a simple topknot. Or, try a pretty french braid or fishtail. For extra sun protection, top off the braid with a chic sunhat or a sporty baseball cap, depending on your style!


The next step is the best! Go spend the day lounging in the warm sand, playing beach volleyball with friends, surfing, and swimming in the sea. You can leave the oil in as long as you like.

(Tip: The longer you leave coconut oil in your hair, the better. Two hours minimum should do the trick!)

After some fun in the sun, make sure to rinse that coconut oil out when you get home.

Simply shampoo as many times as necessary to remove the oil (how many washes will depend on the length/thickness of your hair, plus how much oil you applied earlier) and then condition as normal.

There you go! Hair that’s healthier and smells delicious- and all you had to do was spend a day at the beach!

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