Hey everyone, and welcome to The Vogue Mermaid.

My name is Natasha, and I am the creator of The Vogue Mermaid. Having grown up in a Southern California beach town, the ocean has touched upon every aspect of my life- from health and fitness to adventures and fashion. From beach beauty tips and ocean-inspired DIYs, to styling the perfect bikini and embarking on tropical getaways- there is always something new to be learned from the sea.

The Vogue Mermaid was borne from the belief that if you’re on the beach, it’s a good day. That a smile is the most beautiful asset you can have. That the greatest exercise is getting outdoors. That a little styling can go a long way. That there is always an adventure to be discovered.

Most of all, The Vogue Mermaid is inspired by the natural beauty of the ocean- the sea is both serene and powerful. Just so, The Vogue Mermaid aims to empower young women to embrace their natural beauty and strength.

Whether you live along the coast, or are simply dreaming of golden sands and a sea breeze, The Vogue Mermaid has some great tips to warm your inner beach goddess.

Get ready to dive in as The Vogue Mermaid features everything from swimwear styling and natural beauty tips to beach workouts, ocean sports, and travel destinations!



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